Yoga Story

This is a great acDSC_0981tivity if you use yoga in your classroom to help students manage stress. Many yoga positions correspond to specific animals which can convert to characters in a story (i.e. Dog, Warrior, Cobra) Have small groups of students create an oral story using the yoga positions.


Song Story

Metalofono1Select an instrumental song of your choice, one the evokes emotion and has changes in tempo etc.  Brainstorm with students what they think is happening during this song. Have the students think about music from movies and what happened while this music was playing (you could even show a short clip from a movie). If need be, give the students specific characters and setting to start the process.  Have students begin the storytelling process while you write it down on a large format paper.  You will have to start and stop the song to have students consider what is happening.


Book Kiosk

cropped-IMG_6759-1.jpgInstead of a book report, have students work in small groups to create a  kiIMG_6754osk or stand that showcases important aspect of their book. For example they kiosk or stand will need to have a background, props, even favors to hand out with important quotes.


Set Design

DSC_0916Have students create a scene from a story using play doh or molding clay. They should pick a specific moment or event from the book. You can give them specific directions such as create a scene of the problem in the story, or the solution, or just have them create their favorite part of the story.


Cubism Emotions


When ELL students are building their vocabulary it is imperative that they learn different words to express their emotions. This serves them for their social well being as well as for helping them with reading comprehension. With this activity students look through magazines and cut out different mouths, eyes, noses etc to represent a specific emotion.


Comic Relief

imgres-1Choose a couple short (4-6 frame) comics and white out the words in the speech bubbles. Have students work in small groups to look at each comic and come up with the dialogue that might fit in each frame, have one student be the scribe. Share each groups work. Discuss why they choose the words for each frame.





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